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Sandy, Stormy’s Foal

I didn’t believe the NYC hurricane hype until my lunch break Friday. As I walked through my usual route near Radio City, I was stopped abruptly in my tracks by the sight of a large, mottled-brown bird; dead by the side of the concrete fountain.

It seems silly to be distraught over a dead bird, but I swear, this was eerie and unsettling, especially in light of the impending storm. The bird was not a breed I’ve seen in the area, so basically not a pidgeon or a chickadee, which made its sad, forlorn body look even more out of place. The thought of this poor thing trying desperately to get somewhere, but instead getting body slammed by a glass pane high rise, or even experiencing some sort of trauma due to the changing winds, hit very close to home.

Birds don’t do well in storms, and when massive amounts drop out of the sky, to me it shouts APOCALYPSE! Beebe, Arkansas anyone?

Speaking of Beebe, I vividly remember Grandpa Beebe declaring he’d never seen a marsh hen walk on dry ground in his entire life in Stormy, Misty’s Foal. Though no official storm broadcasts had been made, this little biddy’s behavior spooked him so much he decided to bring the horses in to higher ground. Good decision.

Trust animals to know when a looming natural disaster is about to hit. Unlike us, animals do not need to google search “mandatory+evacuation+flooding+what+does+ it+really+mean” before they realize it’s time to get a move on.

So whaddyaknow, one of my all-time favorite books is still relevant. Even if I’m a big kid now.

Reporting to you as a Hurricane Sandy survivor(I think), Zone A evacuee from the Financial District.

Sending love and prayers to everyone in the tri state area! Keep warm and be safe!


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