Goldfish to book covers are like cat memes to tumblr posts

When you crash at your boyfriend’s place in the berkshires for a whole week,there is no better way to spend your time than to go to the local B&N and gorge your literary appetite.

I decided to go old school and search the book shelves(not my nook) for the Guardian UK prize winner “Dying to Know You”. After perusing for 30 minutes in the children’s section, and subjecting my near sighted eyeballs to color and typeface overload, I thought I found the right book when I finally saw a blue cover with a goldfish.

I was wrong. It was another book, fittingly, called “Out of my mind”, with an almost identical pale, cloud-blue backdrop featuring, whaddyaknow, a goldfish!

Cue 3 days later, I’m combing through Elle magazine, only to find another all too familiar fishy cover, this time for a book called “Magnificence”.

So I have to wonder, are publishers using the same designers across the board? This can’t be due to a lack of qualified designers….I know plenty of fantastic artists who are just as accomplished with PSDs as they are on paper.

Maybe they are all subconsciously reliving the glory days of rainbow fish.  I miss the days when multi-colored scales could occupy me for hours.

Or…god just wants me to buy a goldfish. (Not happening, I was traumatized when my flashy, bright-as-a-mandarin comet fish died in 3rd grade and the parentals said I can say good bye by flushing junior down the toilet)

The tumblr folks got it right. Don’t let the cuteness fool ya.


What do you think?

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