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Need a holiday escape? Go on a magic carpet ride….litera(ture)lly with Shantaram


If you don’t have the budget to travel, or have always wanted to go to India, Shantaram is one of the most exciting ‘realistic’ fiction books I’ve read to date….probably because the author doesn’t just tell the story. He lived it.

Gregory David Roberts in 3 bullet points

  • convicted bank robber/heroin addict in Australia
  • broke out of prison to escape to India
  • caught again in Germany but survived his prison term to write Shantaram. CRAY

One of the most memorable parts speaks to the pulse of a city and who controls it. Do you ever wonder how a city of 10+ million people thrive? With poverty and beauty crammed a sliver apart? Just when I thought the NY subways were overcrowded….this book made me think again.

On how they manage claustrophobia: 

“That’s how we keep this crazy place together – with the heart. Two hundred fuckin’ languages, and a billion people. India is the heart. It’s the heart that keeps us together. There’s no place with people like my people, Lin. There’s no heart like the Indian heart.” 

Ok, so how does this all relate to the youtube clip my co worker sent me?

Let’s just say the power of a mob is undeniable in Shantaram and in this hilaaaarious Chinatown video.

P.S. If you’re thinking of gifting Shantaram, the hardcover book is $8 cheaper on Amazon vs. B&N. GASP!

DOJ settlement….enough said.


2 thoughts on “Need a holiday escape? Go on a magic carpet ride….litera(ture)lly with Shantaram

  1. i had the song ‘a whole new world’ stuck in my head lol. you just reminded me of the argument i had with some friends about where Aladdin is originally from, india vs. china. it’s the great debate. i guess disney went with neither and made it middle eastern. damn.

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