Innocence was brutalized again today
I am outraged that congress has done nothing

I am outraged that the white house has done nothing
I am outraged that children die for the world to pay attention
Tears of outrage are not enough
Mourning as a country is not enough
Demand immediate action
Do not let them die in vain



2 thoughts on “NOT ENOUGH

    • Hi there, I agree that we are a bit hypocritical with sponsoring wars on foreign soil, but I think it starts with how you treat your own citizens. It’s easier to relate to what happens close to home, of course. I have friends who live in CT, and my heart stopped when I first heard the news. There needs to be a balance between citizen responsibility and government enforcement. The government can make it more difficult for people to obtain assault weapons, create educational programs about violence, commit more resources to mental health. None of these actions will work if the people who already possess weapons refuse to act responsibly.

      I really hope the dialogue continues because it is unacceptable for gun violence to continue this way in the U.S. especially compared to other countries who do enforce strict gun laws and have statistically lower gun deaths. All human beings have the potential to make destructive and violent decisions. I think we do need government help to dissuade people who find themselves on the precipice of committing a terrible act from jumping.

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