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It’s the end of the world as we know it?! Give yourself some credit.

Oh REM. Play and read away!

I will be attending my friend Andrea’s END OF THE WORLD party tonight in Boston. To convey my giddiness,  I updated my facebook status, which appropriately started with references about the afterlife, and ended with  “reincarnate me as a bottle of jack”. 

I think Ke$ha would dig it. She doesn’t need to know that, in reality,  I will be nursing a rum and coke, lobster-faced and asking people, “Can we play flip cup?”

Anywho, if you’ve listened to REM’s jam, the real question is:  DO YOU FEEL FINE?

Let’s face it. This year has been ROUGH. We’ve all struggled, questioned and fought to keep our heads up. We’ve relished the good times because so much of the bad is out of our control. It’s getting crowded in heaven with the Pawan’s and Anniello’s of the world.  Hearts were broken; some pieces can never be reclaimed. Homes were devastated and are slowly being rebuilt.  Jobs were lost so career paths were rediscovered. Friendships disappeared; the best were rekindled.

Given we’ve made it this far, why is it so hard to give ourselves some well deserved credit?  Does being ambitious mean we’ll never be satisfied?  We never think we’re doing enough, so we become the little engines that could. On crack.


The fact is, most people are  good with giving credit to others, but not necessarily themselves. Let’s change that by taking the next 10 minutes to: 1. stop worrying about what others think,  and 2. think about something in your life that is good enough for YOU.  Repeat it until you embrace it.

My 10 minutes went something like this:

I am going to a party tonight. It’s the one holiday party of the year where I don’t care if I gorge myself on spiked eggnog and awkward hugging. Tonight, when I feel uncertain about what the future holds, I will glance around the room, at my friends decked out in bedazzled dresses and itchy boyfriend sweaters, and know one thing:  I have loved and am loved.

And tonight, that’s more than enough.


What do you think?

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