Books, Happiness

In a world without classics…

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There’d be no Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight…there’d be no me! Who knew the original YA book was The Swiss Family Robinson? Or that it’d be gifted to my 8 year old self  by an unconventional 50 year old van driver?

My friend Madeline was not your typical anyone. She wore vintage scruffy levi’s and smelled of day-old cigarettes. She collected american flag truckers hats, and always cocked them to the left side. She lived in a tiny apartment with her long time boyfriend and a steady rotation of  7 stray cats. Her baby blues, bug eyed behind Mrs. Doubtfire glasses, would study me quizzically but affectionately; often before she surprised me with the latest stash of illustrated classics. My stranger-danger vigilante parents  trusted her immediately.

My family eventually moved to another neighborhood. Madeline and I lost touch and it was much later that I heard she passed away from leukemia. Her legacy is filled with joy:: my memories of her  are preserved in the brightest corners of my mind,  crystallized in a rose-colored snow globe. And,  should things ever get fuzzy, the Swiss Robinsons are only a shelf way.



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