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How to get your children’s picture book illustrated?

Dayne Sislen Children's Book Illustration

OK, you’ve written a children’s book, rewritten it, agonized over it, participated in critique groups and made changes and rewritten it again until you feel you are finished. Now you are ready to look into publishing your baby. There is a lot of information online about traditional publishing and self-publishing; why you should, why you shouldn’t and everything in between. Read it all, the good bad and the ugly! Harold Underdown has a lot of useful information on this website.

If you are publishing with a traditional publisher, you do NOT need to hire an illustrator. The publisher will handle all of the illustrations and will pay for them, but you will have NO input. If you are  sure you are going to self-publish you WILL need an illustrator for your cover and/or your complete children’s picture book. I will attempt to give you an idea of what steps to take to…

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CUNY Publishing Institute Day 1: #PASSION


June 3, 2013  CUNY starts continued education off right with pots of steaming coffee(Dunkin!), a ginormous fruit platter (Pineapple!), and a diverse array of bagels(Sesame!).  As a willing guinea pig of CUNY Publishing Institute’s  inaugural class, I give it a capital F for fantastic. For anyone who couldn’t shell out $$$, here’s a recap of vitals you missed. 
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