Coworkers: it’s good business to care

Have you ever met a coworker who you disliked from the moment you met?

It happened to me with Jade*.  She was loud mouthed and abrasive. She said rude things that were not work appropriate. I was certain she was bat shit crazy and would not last 2 days.

It turns out, ‘cray cray’ was simply her armor. Scratch the iron clad surface, and Jade has a gift I don’t think she’s even fully aware of. She will hone in on you like fall to apple pie, especially if you are feeling particularly awkward, high strung, or stressed. In spite of yourself, her wily ways will make the edges of your mouth curl north: that belly will start quakin’.

It is Jade’s last week. I’ve finally found a work family I love, and she’s leaving. Sure, it happens all the time, but I can’t help but hate it. At BBDO,  a senior colleague looked me hard in the eye and declared: “It’s just business”.  Not coincidentally, she manipulated internal politics to a point where everyone who wasn’t her minion got laid off or left. At my very first agency job before that, I sent out a nice “I quit” email with no advance notice, forgoing 2 weeks of pay I could not afford. That sounds stupid, but I couldn’t stand another day listening to the alcoholic, chauvinistic founders of the company talk about “women on their knees”. To me, quitting made good business sense because it was right.

All of the above leads back to the person who inspired this post: Jade, you unabashedly shameless  one. You are a survivor, and so much stronger than you realize. The world is yours and your little dog’s too.


*Names changed for privacy


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