For if I am to lie awake, when all reason tells me to dream, then there is no better companion than Grimm himself. For I do not fear the dark: only the mysteries yet to be discovered. This is what great artists should do, must do. We venture to galaxies others may not, all the whilst wondering “Am I insane?”






“The Dark” by Lemony Snickety






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The Dark


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Do you ever love the writing so much that you actually miss the advertising?

carven parfum

Scary, but it’s just that good: a rare one in the land of plenty.  But sometimes a scent can combine with a memory that’s so powerful you feel the need to re-enter their words, their minds,their interpretation. Behold: she’s beautiful, not like a still life painting, but fluid, ephemeral. Doesn’t she look familiar? Why, yes.

Francis Kurkdjian, the perfumer:

“I wanted a fragrance that would resemble a huge bouquet of freshly cut flowers, with temperament and a lingering sillage. The Carven woman has an intuitive sense for what’s chic: she’s Parisian, sparkling, bold and impertinent; she leaves no one indifferent.”


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What if you lived in a yarn castle?


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Searching for your protagonist’s name? Ride the NY subway. Duh.