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After my visit to Shakespeare and Company a la Paris last week  I’ve been obsessing over how to buy a vintage typewriter that 1. never breaks and 2. doesn’t shatter my piggy bank. All hope was lost. Until…

BEHOLD! The Hanx Typewriter APP! With this baby, you should be able to type, share and print!  Looks gorgeous so far on my iPad.

My celebrity obsession with actually led to something useful.  Who woulda thunk it?

Forrest Freakin’ Fantastic Gump just brought oldie but goodie to an astronomical level!

Blog_Tom_Hanks_Typewriter_App_Trust in the universe,



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Post Europe 2014 Decisions!

After an AMAZING trip to Germany, Italy and France(more to come), I’ve made a few key decisions:

1. I’m 100% applying for an MFA this fall.

2. Writinginsoysauce is the right place for my blog. The one with my name is way too corporate. Just like the past 5 years of a my life.

3. I will STOP being a perfectionist about all my blog posts. The control freak side of me needs to let go. So what if it’s a sloppy mess? Writing should never be about perfection. This means I’ll be sharing my DRAFTS *Gasp* with the world. Hoping you’ll have me.

4. Social media is the source of all my stress. I went 2 weeks without it and DAMN, I feel good.

Lots of love,