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Top 3 FREE places to read and write!

cartoon-writerToday was incredible for discovering new spots in downtown Manhattan.

1. Barnes and Noble Tribeca: I live here. Get a membership card, you save tons on coffee/tea, even if you don’t buy books. Though you should. Buy books, that is.

2. New York Public Library: Shame on me for being 3 years late. Great children’s book section. Big windows. 2nd floor screams productivity. Fresh orange decor keeps you awake unlike some libraries.

3. Poets House: Gorgeous, hidden spot facing the water. Lots of light. Go here if you want true silence. Don’t wear clunky boots: it’ll echo.

Love and encouragement,


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CUNY Publishing Institute Day 1: #PASSION


June 3, 2013  CUNY starts continued education off right with pots of steaming coffee(Dunkin!), a ginormous fruit platter (Pineapple!), and a diverse array of bagels(Sesame!).  As a willing guinea pig of CUNY Publishing Institute’s  inaugural class, I give it a capital F for fantastic. For anyone who couldn’t shell out $$$, here’s a recap of vitals you missed. 
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There’s logic to this madness: Gone Girl, the Obamas and a Kiss Cam.


When it comes to nytime best sellers, I am a bit skeptical at first.  I am one of the few people who has NOT read 50 shades of grey despite good reviews from my girlfriends, and even my boyfriend’s mom( she said she didn’t know what it was ‘really about’.)
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